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In realising our mission of assisting people to be able to realise their human rights in general, and their socio-economic rights in particular, our legal expertise is mainly utilised through consultancies and our prolific parliamentary lobbying campaign on various transparency issues. We also provide some assistance on PAIA-related issues (and training) when project-related, and may engage in test case litigation on an ad hoc basis, if specific funding allows us to do so.  Frequently, we offer other organisations with our expertise after we have referred strong strategic cases, We have recorded significant successes in recent times in the area of strategic litigation. These includes the nullification of S 78(2) of PAIA by the Constitutional Court for its unconstitutionality in terms of the period for appeal to a court; and the first usage of S 80 of PAIA by any requester of information to place disputed documents for disclosure in the custody of a Court.